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Advisory Board Members




Ruchika Sikri

Head of Learning and Engagement Programs, Google
Ruchika Sikri is the former head of “Well-being Learning Program and Strategy” at Google USA, where she led the development and scaling of mindfulness and compassion learning programs to 120K+ Googlers globally. She currently leads learning and engagement programs in Google Cloud. Her work and daily practice is rooted in bringing clarity in mind, purity in heart, and sincerity in action. Not only yoga and meditation have been an integral part of her life, but her passion for wellbeing and mindfulness has made her a great expert, community builder, and public speaker. She aspires to inspire people and encourage them to become their best version and live sustainably.




Dr. Sousan Abadian

Speaker & Educator in Leadership & Innovation; Collective Trauma & Cultural Renewal
Dr. Sousan Abadian independently practices teaching, speaking, and consulting internationally on leadership, innovation, and culture change. She helps her clients cultivate adaptive leadership skills and inner exponential technologies to enhance their well-being, creativity, resilience, and performance. She has also been a Fellow at M.I.T.’s Dalai Lama Centre for Ethics and Transformative Values and Harvard’s Centre for Public Leadership..




Rich Fernandez

CEO at Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute
Rich Fernandez is the CEO of SIYLI (Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute), a non-profit organization developed at Google that offers mindfulness and emotional intelligence solutions to communities and organizations worldwide. Previously, he was also the director of executive education and people development at Google and is also the co-founder of Wisdom Labs, a workplace wellness company. Rich, who describes mindfulness as an “innate human capacity” that we can all exercise, is a trained organizational psychologist and an author, a neuroscience enthusiast, a long-time mindfulness practitioner, and a passionate teacher.




Dr. Ramya Ranganathan

Life Coach, Facilitator, and Adjunct Faculty, IIM Bangalore
Dr. Ramya Ranganathan, currently working as an adjunct faculty for IIM Bangalore also conducts independent programs for organizations and individuals to help them flourish better at work and life. She has founded a venture to help people find joy and meaning through their work and has impacted thousands of participants worldwide through various programmes and courses over the past decade. She conducts workshops on Mindfulness, Conscious Living and Holistic Energy Management, for individuals as well as organizations to catalyse change that is driven from the inside.




Lori Schwanbeck

Mindfulness based emotional intelligence consultant
Lori Schwanbeck is a warm and personable Mindfulness-based emotional intelligence consultant in San Francisco, California, United States. Her mission is to help create the conditions that support increased engagement, purpose and compassion in the world. Utilizing evidence-based practices and skill building, she has developed and facilitated virtual and live experiential programs where the competencies of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, growth mindset, compassion, resilience and social skills are taught through engaging interactive exercises. She is also involved with curriculum design, coaching, and teacher training.




Dr. Matthew Lippincott

Chief Solutions Officer for Goleman EI
Dr. Matthew Lippincott provides leader performance consulting services, and – as one of the original team members – held the role of Chief Solutions Officer for Goleman EI. He completed his Doctoral work at the University of Pennsylvania, where his award-winning research investigated the neuroscience-based relationship between leadership effectiveness, EI, and mindfulness. Dr. Lippincott has provided Leadership and performance-oriented EI training and services for Bank of America, Google, Gilead Sciences, Amazon, GoHealth, KBC Group, Hindustan Petroleum, MIT, University of Virginia and University of Pennsylvania. He has also held corporate leadership roles, is a certified coach/coach trainer, and a martial arts master.

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