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Samatvam is the concept of equanimity or ‘evenness of mind’. It is a state of equilibrium where one develops an inward tranquillity and attains the stability of mind. Samatvam is the ability to remain serene and equipoised in the face of triumphs and tribulations. It is the skill of waltzing through the journey of life, patiently and joyfully, with a dispassionate regard for success and failure, gain and loss, pleasure and pain.
Samatvam – The Mindfulness Centre at IIM Bodh Gaya is an endeavour to develop mindful business leaders, who embody the philosophy of ‘samatvam’. We aim to complement the curriculum of business education by integrating it with the awareness of self and the environment. We strive to create a learning environment that elevates the collective consciousness of the community and inspires a sense of commitment towards mindful practices.
The world, as we know it, is once again set on a path of transformation. New realities are emerging, bringing with them a novel string of challenges and opportunities. Such uncertain times demand introspection and mastery over the mind for leading a meaningful and purposeful life. We at Samatvam – The Mindfulness Centre, call upon the community to join us in this noble pursuit of cultivating and sharing an ecosystem of mindfulness, sanguinity and equanimity. Let us all be here – for ourselves and for each other.

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