Close Knit Community

Close Knit Community

Close Knit Community

IIM Bodh Gaya believes in the Vedic Theory of co-existence. We go by the basic principles of “Vasudeva Kutumbakam”. Business school is a place where students foster life-long friendships and network. It is a place which helps them understand the basic life principles like synergy, giving in, collaboration and cooperation. In our endeavor to raise responsible future managers, “making contribution” is the buzz word on campus. As part of contributing to the society and influencing the lives of citizen around us, IIM BodhGaya fraternity has actively participated in various community service activities in and around BodhGaya.

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भारतीय प्रबंध संस्थान बोधगया

उरूवेला, प्रबंध विहार
बोधगया – 824234, गया, बिहार, भारत

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