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MBA Admission Policy (International Students)

This document summarizes the approach of IIM Bodh Gaya to prepare the admission list for its MBA Batch 2022-24 for International Students only. IIM Bodh Gaya reserves the right to modify any part of this document including the various criteria and cut-offs mentioned at any time till the actual admission process for the batch is completed.

The basic objective of IIM Bodh Gaya’s admission process is to identify meritorious candidates for admission under seats for International Students. IIM Bodh Gaya duly recognize academic merit consistency and experience.

The number of seats for international students will be 5 (3% of 180). These three percent seats will be over and above the seats for Indian students (selected through CAT). Admission to these seats will be open for International Students only. The International Students is defined as the following:

  • Any foreign national, defined as a person who is a citizen of a country other than India.
  • Any Overseas Citizen of India, as defined by the government of India rules from time to time.
  • Any Non-Resident Indian, defined as any Indian Citizen who has been abroad (for living, study or work outside India) for a period of 360 days in the last two years (e.g., from 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2022 for admission to MBA 2022-24 Batch). The candidate must not have been in India on the date of the applicable CAT examination (e.g. CAT 2021 for admission to MBA 2022-24 Batch).

The candidate must hold a Bachelor’s Degree (10+2+3, or 10+2+4), with at least 50% marks or equivalent CGPA from any recognized university/institution. In case any of the degree is obtained from the University/Institute/Board outside India, the candidate must produce the equivalence certificate by the Association of Indian Universities. In this regard, the rules framed by the Association of Indian Universities and the Ministry of Education will be applicable. In case of the degree is obtained in India, it must from any of the Universities incorporated by an act of the central or state legislature in India or other educational institutions established by an act of Parliament or declared to be deemed as a University under section 3 of UGC Act, 1956, or possess an equivalent qualification recognized by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.

The candidate must have appeared in GMAT examination during the last four complete calendar years including the early months of the year in which admission is given (e.g. 2018 – 2022[1] for admission to MBA 2022-24 Batch). The appearance in GMAT prior to the above period will not be considered (e.g. 1st January 2018 for admission to MBA 2022-24 Batch).

[1] The candidate must submit the scorecard by the last date of application, i.e., 31st March 2022.
The Admission Process of IIM Bodh Gaya consists of:
  • Online Application Form,
  • Short listing candidates for Personal Interview (PI) process based on GMAT score and Profile
  • Conducting the PI process.
  • Preparing the Final Merit List based on performance in GMAT, PI score and Profile score as indicated in Section 3.
  1. Data and Documents for Online Application process

Candidates will be asked to apply through online portal. Last date of Form Submission will be the last day of March of the admission year (e.g., 31st March 2022 for admission to MBA 2022-24 Batch)

Instruction for 10th, 12th and UG score: ^

The percentage of marks obtained by the candidate in 10th, 12th and UG would be calculated based on the regulation of Board/University. If there is no such regulation regarding aggregate marks from the concerned board/University, then the aggregate marks of all the subjects that appear in the grade sheet should be considered for calculating the passing percentage.

Following Work Experience will be considered (till the last date of the application):^
  • Working as an employee in Public Limited Company, Private Limited Company, LLP, Government Service (Central/State/PSU), or Society Firm.
  • Working as a director in Private Limited Company.
  • Working as a partner in LLP/Partnership Firm.
  • Working as a proprietor in Sole Proprietorship.
  • Providing practice based professional services (CA/CS/CMA, MBBS, LLB etc.).
Other work experience will not be considered.

Only full-time work experience post UG will be considered. Any internship which is done as part of the any course work or any work experience prior to the completion of UG degree will not be considered.

^ List of supporting documents will be intimated at the time application process will be announced.

If at any later stage, it is observed that the candidates had submitted any forged data/document, his/her admission will be cancelled without any refund.

Any misrepresentation or suppression of information by a candidate in filling the Online Form or at any later stage, will lead to immediate disqualification of the candidate from IIM Bodh Gaya without any refund.

  1. Criteria for Short listing to PI and WAT (Writing Ability Test) process

At different stages of the selection process ‘Application Rating' (AR) score of an applicant will be used. An applicant's AR score is the sum of the rating scores ‘A', ‘B', ‘C' and ‘D' (Refer to Annexure) based on the evaluation of Statement of Purpose & Letter of Recommendation, the bachelor's degree programme (depending upon the discipline) and work experience (as on March 31, 2022) respectively. For details of academic disciplines, please refer to Table 3 in Annexure.

Taking GMAT percentiles in verbal, quantitative and overall, a merit list will be drawn and shortlisted for WAT & PI using the Composite Score (CS) as follows: composite score ‘CS' (see below) subject to their fulfilling criteria C1.

Criteria: C1: C1. PT ≥ 75, PQ ≥ 60 and PV ≥ 60,
CS (Composite Score) = 0.35 * Normalised Application Rating score + 0.65 * Normalised overall score in GMAT

According to the desired number of candidates to be called for PI and WAT, candidate will be called from the merit list prepared above.

  1. Criteria for Preparing the Merit List

The candidates, who have scored more than or equal to the minimum performance requirement in the PI, will be considered for the final merit list. The candidate who has scored less than the minimum performance requirement in PI will not be a part of the final merit list.

Selection at this stage will strictly be based on the shortlisting of the candidates done on the basis of their ‘Final Composite Scores’ (FCS).

The FCS of a candidate who have scored more than or equal to the minimum performance requirement in the PI will be computed as follows:

FCS = 0.50 * Normalised PI Score + 0.10 * Normalised WAT Score + 0.25 * Normalised GMAT Score + 0.15 * AR


Rating Score A: - 15 – Evaluation of Statement of Purpose (Essay Type Questions as part of Application Process)

Rating Score B: - 5 – Evaluation of Letter of Recommendation

Table 1: 
Rating Scores for the Bachelor's Degree Examination (Rating Score C)
.AC-1AC-2AC-3AC-4 & AC-6AC-5
Rating Score CPercent score in Bachelor's DegreePercent score in Professional coursesPercent score in Bachelor's DegreePercent score in Bachelor's DegreePercent score in Bachelor's Degree
1  <= 55  <= 50  <= 55  <= 60  <= 50
2  > 55 and <= 60  > 50 and <= 53  > 55 and <= 60  > 60 and <= 65  > 50 and <= 55
3  > 60 and <= 62  > 53 and <= 55  > 60 and <= 65  > 65 and <= 70  > 55 and <= 60
5  > 62 and <= 65  > 55 and <= 57  > 65 and <= 70  > 70 and <= 75  > 60 and <= 65
8  > 65 and <= 70  > 57 and <= 63  > 70 and <= 80  > 75 and <= 85  > 65 and <= 75
10  > 70  > 63  > 80  > 85  > 75

Table 2:
 Rating Scores for Work Experience (Rating Score D)
Work Experience in Month (as filled in the Application Form)Rating Score D
< 12 months0
 >= 12 and <= 36 months0.20 * (number of months of work experience – 11)
> 36 months5
 Application Rating Score: AR= (A+B+C+D)
3. Categories for bachelor's degree/integrated master's degree

 (Medicine and Surgery based subjects):
Part I: MBBS, MD (USA)

 (Selected Professional Degrees): Chartered Accountancy (CA), Cost and Works Accountancy (ICWA), Company Secretaryship (CS), Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of India (FIAI).

 (All Commerce, Economics, Finance and Management Related Degrees): Including BAF, BBA, BBE, BBI, BBM, BBS, BCAF, BCCA, BCOM, BFIA, BFM, BHM, BHMCT, BIBF, BMS (Bachelor of Management studies) and BSBA degrees. In particular, including
  1. Economics/ Economic Development and Planning
  2. Any degree in Hospitality/Hospitality Studies, Catering/Catering Technology, Hotel, Travel and Tourism Management, Tourism Studies and any other related discipline.
  3. Commerce (Accountancy, Auditing, Banking, Business Mathematics, Business Organisation, Finance, Information Technology, Insurance, Investment Analysis, Public Finance, Secretarial Practices etc.)
  4. Management (Advertising, Agriculture and Food Business, Agribusiness Management, Agriculture Marketing and Cooperation, Agriculture and Rural and Tribal Development, Business Administration, Business Management, Business Studies, Commercial Agriculture and Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Management Studies, Sports Management, Real Estate and Urban Infrastructure, Renewable Energy Management, Oil and Gas Management, Production and Industrial Management)
  5.  Any other vocational degree in commerce and management.
AC-4 I (All Engineering, Technology and Architecture related Areas): Including BARCH, BE, BIT, BINFTECH, BS (ENG)/ BSC (ENG), BTECH and integrated MTECH degrees (Excluding all degrees in Accessories Design/Apparel Production/Design/Fashion Communication/Fashion Design/Fashion Technology/Interior Design/Knit Wear Design/Leather Design/Jewelry Design/Footwear Design, and BS/BSC degrees in Information Technology).  In particular, including
  1. Agricultural Engineering/ Dairy Technology/ Food Technology
  2. Architecture
  3. BE/BS (ENG)/BSC (ENG)/BTECH/integrated MTECH degrees in Biosciences, Geological Sciences, Information Technology, Mathematical Sciences and Natural Sciences
  4. BE/BS (ENG)/BSC (ENG)/BTECH/integrated MTECH in all Engineering/Technology and related areas, including subjects like Chemical Technology, Electronics, Engineering Physics etc.
  5. Textile Engineering/Technology
  6. Others: All other fields where BE/BS (ENG)/BSC (ENG)/BTECH/integrated MTECH degrees are awarded, not explicitly included or excluded elsewhere in the list.
AC-4 II (Science and Agriculture related Areas, other than Medicine and Surgery): Including all BS/BSC and integrated MS/MSC (excluding degrees in Economics, Fashion Design, Journalism, and Leather Design). Also including degrees in paramedical, veterinary degrees. In particular, including
  1. Actuarial Science
  2. Agriculture (Agronomy, Soil Science, Agricultural Biochemistry, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Plant Pathology, Soil Science etc.)
  3. Biosciences (Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Botany, Life Science, Zoology etc.)
  4. Computer Applications (BCA, MCA)
  5. Fisheries
  6. Forestry
  7. Geological Sciences (Geography, Geology and Geophysics.)
  8. Horticulture
  9. Information Technology
  10. All bachelor's/integrated master's degrees in Mathematical Sciences (Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics etc.): all bachelor's/integrated master's degrees
  11. Natural Sciences (Chemistry, Physics etc.)
  12. Paramedical/Physiotherapy
  13. Pharmacology/Pharmacy
  14. Planning
  15. Veterinary Science/ Animal Husbandry
  16. Media Science, Media Science and Technology
  17. Physiology
  18. Any vocational degree in science (BS/BSC)
  19. Science (Others): Forensic
AC-5 (All Arts/Humanities Related Degrees, Design, Education, Fashion Design/Technology, Law and Rural Studies): Including any BA (excluding Economics, Geography and Geological Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics), BAA, BAJM, BCJ, BDES, BED, BFTECH, BJ, BJMC, BL, BM (Bachelor of Music), BMC, BMM, BMus, BSW and LLB. In particular, including
  1.    Accessories Design/Apparel Production/Design/Fashion Communication/Fashion Design/Fashion Technology/Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management, Interior Design/Knit Wear Design/Leather Design/Footwear Design/Jewelry Design (all degrees)
  2. Arts/Humanities (Archaeology, Education, Fine Arts (Dance, Drama, Film, Music, Painting etc.), History, Languages, Library Science, Literature, Mass Communication, Media Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Public Administration, Social Work/Welfare, Sociology, etc.)
  3. Education (including Physical Education and Sports)
  4. Journalism/Mass Communication/Media Studies (all degrees)
  5. Law (BL LLB/B.Com. LLB/BBA LLB)
  6. Psychology (all degrees)
  7. Rural Studies/Rural Sociology/Rural Cooperatives/Rural Banking
  8. Any vocational degree in arts/education/humanities (BA)
AC-6: Any other discipline not mentioned in AC-1 to AC-5.
The cut-offs mentioned in this policy are tentative. It depends on various factors like the applicants' pool, the distribution of GMAT scores etc. which may change year to year. In view of this fact the Admissions Committee of IIM Bodh Gaya reserves the right of changing the cut-offs if deemed desirable in the light of applicant data for 2022-24 batch. IIM Bodh Gaya reserves the right to make changes in the Shortlisting and Selection Criteria, if considered necessary at any point.

Fee: 35,000 USD for MBA 2022-24 batch (International Students) + Caution Deposit of 500 USD. The mentioned fee is for MBA 2022-24 batch (International Students) only. The same will be increased/adjusted by the inflation/exchange factor each year.

Medical Insurance, VISA and other travel related cost to be paid by the candidate.

Equivalence Certificate for Educational Qualifications /Degrees obtained outside India - If any of the Educational Qualifications/ Degrees (10th, 12th, or UG) are obtained from the University/Institute/Board outside India, the candidate must produce the equivalence certificate by the Association of Indian Universities. The rules framed by the Association of Indian Universities and the Ministry of Education will be applicable in this regard.

Entry VISA - On receipt of the offer letter from IIM Bodh Gaya, foreign national students should approach an Indian embassy/consulate and request a Student VISA with multiple entries (dual entry at the minimum for practical reasons). On entering India, the foreign national student should register at IIM Bodh Gaya and pay the program fees. IIM Bodh Gaya will issue a bonafide certificate after registration as a Student.

Registration at the Foreigners Regional Registration Office: by Student - Within 14 days of entering India on a student visa and after receiving a bonafide certificate, the foreign national should apply to the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO), Kolkata for a Registration Certificate / Residential Permit (RC/RP). The application form and checklist may be downloaded from the FRRO website.

Information to Local Administration: by Institute - Upon the arrival of the student in the campus/hostel, the institute will inform/report to the local administration (Police Dept.) as per the law applicable in the State of Bihar.

Orientation/Sensitization towards culture, law, and customs of the Land - International Students, upon their arrival on the campus of IIM Bodh Gaya, will be sensitized around the law of the land, local culture, and customs through a formal orientation session.

Non-availability of Student Exchange Program - Students will not be eligible to take in Student Exchange Program.

Final Placement - Career Development Centre will help the students in connecting and networking with the companies for career opportunities.


Similarity with MBA (for Indian Citizens through CAT) Program
Apart from the different Admission Process & Fee Payable, and points mentioned above, all other aspects of the MBA Program will be similar for both international students (Foreign nationals, OCIs/PIOs, and NRIs selected through GMAT) and Indian students (selected through CAT).

Any dispute concerning Admissions for the MBA Batch (International Students) would be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts within the territorial jurisdiction of city of Bodh Gaya Only.

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