Gyanodaya – HR Conclave 2019

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Gyanodaya – HR Conclave 2019

IIM Bodhgaya conducted Gyanodaya 2.0, the second edition of the HR Conclave of IIM Bodh Gaya on 11th and 12th August 2019. HR leaders from leading companies and organisations were invited to the college to participate in the event. The highlight of the event were three panel discussions in light of the “Changing HR Trends of the Modern World”.

The event began with a Tree Plantation Drive with the dignitaries and staff of the college, reiterating our commitment to nature and sustainability. Then, the Director of the Institute, Dr Vinita Sahay, with invited guests lit the lamps and inaugurated the Conclave. In her opening speech Dr Sahay welcomed the dignitaries and spoke of the importance of HR management.

The first panel, under the moderation of Dr. Sahay, discussed on the topic “Flexi Timings and Virtual Work Places”. Leading the panel were esteemed industry leaders – Mr Raj Kumar Gupta, GM-HR, TCS, Mr Amitava Sinha, VP-HR, Business Standard Pvt. Ltd., Dr Sanjeev Kumar Chauhan, Head HR, Kewal Kiran Clothing Ltd., Parimal Pawan Kumar, VP HR & Ops, Edusuccess Knowledge Systems. The second panel consisted of luminaries like Ms Vandana Chaturvedi, AGM-HR, NTPC, Ms Neha Malhotra, AGM-HR, Luminous Power Technologies, Ms Surabhi Sanchita, Head HR, Bar Code India Ltd., and Mr Sanjeev Tripathi, GM-HR, OSRAM Lightings Pvt. Ltd. The panel discussed on “Modern Challenges of Human Resource Management” with Prof Ganatantra Ojha moderating the panel.

The second day of the Conclave began with a third and final Panel discussion on “Role of Human Resource in Gaining Competitive Advantage”. The panel was led by Mr Anurag Chandra, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Chauhan, Mr C V Subramanyam, and Mr S Chatterjee, with Mr Ganatantra Ojha taking up the role of Moderator.


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