Bihar Ek Parichay

Bihar Ek Parichay

IIM Bodh Gaya, a third-generation IIM located in the lush green laps of Bihar, is all set on a mission to rebuild the image of Bihar in its long-due project. In this light, the student fraternity of the institute created a documentary film, ‘Bihar Ek Parichay,’ to introduce this state to its newly inducted batches. The institute hosted Mr. Sanjay Kumar, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Education Department, Government of Bihar and Shri Mayank Warwade, IAS, Commissioner, Magadh Division, Gaya as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour at the event, respectively.

Well known for its glorious past, Bihar is now progressing fast in today’s era with respect to the increase in the GDP rates for the last three years and is on the journey of writing a new story of its development. Students from MBA06 created a documentary for the new batch that aims to make the youth of Bihar aware of all the avenues available here and motivate nthem to contribute to the development of Bihar.

Post the premiere of the documentary, Dr. Vinita Sahay, Director IIM Bodh Gaya, appreciated the hard work of all the students involved in this project. Dr. Sahay mentioned that it is paramount as an educator to teach the students to take pride in the things that belong to them in patriotic fervor, as the badge of being a student of Bodh Gaya. The session culminated with addresses from our guests Mr. Kumar and Mr. Warwade talking about the historical, cultural and geographical aspects of Bihar and accentuated the point of having immense opportunities in the state for the youth and how they can look forward to building a career here and contributing to building the state along the way.


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