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ArPan 1.0

ARCOM has successfully organized its Alumni Conclave ArPan 1.0. The discussion of the panelists Mr. Siddhart (Navi Gen Ins.), Mr. Saksham (Flipkart), Mr. Md. Sarim (Safexpress), and Mr. Sai Bharat (NewGen Soft.) unfolded a lot of important things which an IIM grad must take care of during his journey of becoming a manager. They vividly pointed out the rigor of courses, case studies, and live projects helps in grooming of students at an IIM. A very important take way was how industry has lot of expectations from IIM grads and they are seen different from other in execution of their assignments at workplace. Overall, it was one of the best sessions with our very energetic and successful seniors who are making brand IIM proud every day.


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