3rd Corrigendum – IIMBG/NIT/2020-21/Mess Catering /04 dated 25/04/2020

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Reference our NIT Ref. NO: IIMBG/NIT/2020-21/Mess Catering /04  dated 25/04/2020 for NIT for Students Mess Catering Services at IIM Bodhgaya, Bihar and Corrigendum No. 1 & 2 issued on May 08 & May 20, 2020 respectively thereon.

This corrigendum is being issued to amend bid evaluation process, as given at tender document para 12.2 (Stage – 2:A – Presentation by Technically Qualified Bidders)  and Para 12.3 (Stage – 2:B – Visit to Technically Qualified Bidder’s Sites)  only, due to COVID – 19 restrictions and protocols. This amendment will have no effect on tender quotation and submission, it is part of evaluation process, a prerogative of Client. All bidders are requested to comply with this corrigendum in letter and spirit.

Published at e-tendering(Online) on https://mhrd.euniwizarde.com, http://www.iimbg.ac.in & CPP Portal website: www.eprocure.gov.in/epublish/app/epublish/app ,

Click here to download the pdf Document.
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